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Our consent

Our refund policy is here to define the situation in a web solution that keeps the policy of making the procedure perfect to manage the entire consent to claim the refund. In Tech Pacific Inc. the responsibility enables us to verify the different circumstances that result for such claims if, the users face any kind for the same. The procedure for making the services available and declaring that accepted with agreed points to declare the points on agreed terms and conditions applied in the organization. Outlined solutions make the receipt solved and unique to inform the customers to make the requests of the service by receiving email. There are some of the inclusive contract solutions to manage and continue the agreement to link the complete services solutions.

The policy does not make the application of the company but followed the rules and provisions regarding the value of your services you preferred to your customers. It maintains the policy of solution that fully accepted and managed by the experts. To access the complete and comfortable working solutions give agreed solutions when the users make their condition accordingly. It receives the payment in a custom form to pay the refund to their customers in a simple form of site and make the complete payment to the user’s account after 15 days of starting the services.

Whether it starts with the hosting plan purchase and started the project agreement after applying the agreement that helps for replying to the fund that clients asked for their submission. The project value required the basis of the services to start the service to serve in a better way. The project can only be canceled within the date prescribed as in the case.